Giving Back As Team

Tis the season, and you want to encourage your students join in the holiday spirit and give back. Create a duel benefit situation by taking some of the team bonding events we all like to incorporate into the year and making a difference together. 

Benefits? Bringing the dancers together as a group to help and support their community and teaching them how good it feels to bring a smile to someone when they need it the most. 

Here is a few of our favorite ideas:

  • Donate time at a food kitchen.
  • Help delver meals for a community Thanksgiving. 
  • Organize a toy drive with gift wrapping service – with every new toy donated, get a free gift wrap service for your personal items
  • Donate time wrapping gifts for your local Toys for Tots or toy giving foundation in your area
  • Create ornaments to give to nursing home residents
  • Bake cookies and give to community service members, police, firefighters, medical personnel, etc
  • Create small holiday combo, visit children’s shelters to teach it
  • Go “caroling” but dance instead but if you have some singers though, make it a show choir routine. (Make sure to visit nursing homes, assisted living facilities, and anywhere that may not get the chance to see a performance elsewhere)

Stay thankful, stay grateful, and keep shining! 

~Team Gems






































































































































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