Hello studio owners!  We know many of you are once again navigating the unknown and uncertain. Dance classes and school starting for some, more zoom and online options for others. Today we wanted to make sure we shared with you our favorite ways to take care of your wonderful, supportive, amazing staff!


  • Take them to a workshop/convention for continuous learning.  This is a great investment in them, and your studio
  • How about lunch?  Everyone loves to be taken out for lunch.  Here’s a tip for COVID times:  next staff meeting, have UberEats show up for instant happiness 
  • Bring the back a souvenir from a trip.  Here’s the thing, you may get to go places that your staff only dream of.  Why not bring them back a token of appreciation for holding down the fort while you’re away?  (Coffee from the Domincian Republic was a huge hit with my staff!)
  • Plan a learning opportunity at your studio.  Bring in a Yoga teacher for some quiet meditation, or a self-defense instructor to boost confidence.  Anything to mix it up a little!
  • Random treat day! (this one is self-explanatory, but doughnuts are a fave 😉
  • Studio super swag items – sweatshirts, tank tops, bags, you name it!  Your staff should be wearing your branded gear, and like we have said before…free advertising every time they are spotted in your swanky styles
  • Broadcast how wonderful they are all over your social media.  Celebrate the non-studio events too.  Do you have a staff member that graduated from college?  Great, post it!  One of your staff recently get engaged or have a baby?  Super, post it!  Celebrate their victories like they are your own 
  • There is nothing like a hand written thank you card.  Point out ways they make your studio special; site examples of when they went above and beyond.  They will love to know you noticed 😉 

Communication.  This is one thing that deserves more than a bullet point.  Your staff sees students and parents every day.  Give them the tools to be successful.  Give them the knowledge to be confident.  Make sure your staff knows what your intentions and plans are for YOUR studio.  There needs to be open lines of communication between you and your staff.  Our studio uses Crew (Band, texting, anything will do) to communicate with each other.  We can post shifts to cover here.  We share ideas, wins, struggles, even personal stories with each other here, and it has truly helped our studio become a family that supports each other through the ups and downs of life.

Hope this helps you to deliver some sparkle & magic to your staff! 


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