2020 is officially here, and while the world focuses on their most recent ‘resolutions’ we implore you to join the #girlbosses at Gems with some goal planning! Time to trust the phrase, “A goal without a plan is just a wish.” 

Dare we say, now is the time. Get those goals ready! Make those plans! No goal is unattainable if you are willing to kick butt and take names. So in honor of the New Year and all the #goaldiggers out there, we want to share our fav advice to slay the goal planning process.

Start with the end. Where do you see things in 12 months, 5 years, even 10 years! Visualizing your end goal is imperative to finding the motivation to push.

Specifically break down the big ones. Take your goals in practical, bite-size steps. And don’t forget, vague planning produces vague results, Divide and conquer by dividing each goals into simple steps. Complete a step successfully, move on to the next. Simple right?!?

Keep the numbers down. Set fewer goals and don’t allow yourself to get overwhelmed. Prioritize and really focus on what’s important to you.

Don’t stop learning at every opportunity. Some actions will work, some won’t. Unexpected challenges are the greatest growth opportunities, use them!

Keep fear in it’s place! There will be setbacks. There will be failures. There will be moments when your goals seem so far away that they seem impossible to reach. REACH ANYWAY! Use each road bump as an opportunity to rededicate yourself to your future.

WRITE IT DOWN! Or better yet, write it down and share it with someone who matters. Keep yourself accountable. Review the progress and celebrate the successes. Publicly promise to make your goals a reality.

Avoid the Goal Setting Pitfalls

  • thinking too small
  • being vague (we really mean this one)
  • not setting deadlines
  • lacking confidence
  • waiting too long to commit 
  • trying to control everything
  • neglecting self-care 

That’s it! It can be such a simple, life changing process! Wondering when the best time to start is?? NOW! Now is a perfect time to start pursuing the life you dream of living! 

“Don’t wish for it, work for it.”


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