We’ve all been there… you walk into your studio space on a Monday morning, or a Friday night, or a Thursday midday and you are ALL ALONE.  Maybe you’ve tried Mommy & Me classes, or Baby Gym, or even early morning Hot Yoga, and nothing seems to work.  Sure, there is the initial excitement of a new class, and you have attracted new clients with your oh so clever marketing.  But then, just as fall quickly turns to winter, they are gone. 

As dance studio owners, we have to stay creative, keep pushing forward, and seek new ways to serve our clients.  There are many ways to supplement your studio income, you could rent out to a karate instructor, or a barre fitness instructor, but those classes will probably need to run at prime studio hours too.  Birthday parties are a great way to get kids in your door too!  Typically, you can expect the birthday kid to be a member of your studio, and if their party guests are not dancers, it’s a great way to introduce yourself!  But, what we are talking about here is more community service driven.  Why not start a Distance Learning Support Center?  Or you could call it a Virtual Learning Lab, or even the Distance Learning Camp.  I’m sure you can come up with a great name for your program, and if not, use one of ours 😉 

The idea of such a program is to be there for your dance families when they need you.  Provide a service where there is a lack in your community.  Be sure to disclose that you are not elementary or secondary school teachers.  I bet you are asking, “What do I have to offer?”  Well, let’s take a look!  Dance studio owners and teachers are organized, have a great love for children, understand technology (thanks coronavirus!), and can provide a safe environment for children to learn.  The other benefits of a program like this are socialization for kids in a very limited, and controlled environment, physical activities on premises, and a comfort level that has already been established through your studio.  


You already make an impact on the kids in your studio family, why not help them out a little more?

 Shine on studio owners!

 ~team Gems






























































































































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