Customer service is an essential part of your business … I would even say, THE essential element. Communications with your dance families can make or break their understanding of the way your studio works and if done well, it can make them customers for life!

Getting to know your customers and learning how they communicate is essential. Our recommendation is to have 2-3 ways they can communicate with you, and that is it!  Phone (text or call) and email is perfect. If you are using multiple communication channels, things will get lost, and that creates an unhappy customer. Be firm about your customer service hours; we know the majority of this is done by the studio owner themselves, and you deserve time away from answering questions. This will create boundaries for you and for your customer, and that is a good thing! Boundaries set expectations, and when we can stick to our boundaries, expectations are met, which keeps everyone happy. By being super responsive in your 2-3 communication channels, you will be on your way to great customer interactions! Successful business owners understand that knowing their customers’ needs and setting expectations is the difference between success or failure. 

Having monthly or even bi-weekly meetings to discuss staff needs and special situations that come up is important. This is where you’ll update staff about the latest promotions or new procedures at your studio. You may also discuss how you and your team can improve the customer and staff experience. It will ensure that everyone is on the same page, everyone on staff has a chance to be heard, and all needs are being met. Happy staff are patient, considerate, welcoming, kind, and helpful to your dancers and their families. They hustle and they give their best because they feel valued, and it leads them to valuing your customers. As their leader, you are aiming to take their abilities to new heights so that your dance families’ needs are being met with the utmost care.

If your looking for the quickest few tips:

  • The first interaction should be delightful
  • Greet Everyone
  • Keep studio information easily accessible
  • Anticipate issues & troubleshoot complaints BEFORE they happen 
  • Put yourself in your customer’s shoes – make sure your communications make sense
    *Pro tip: have a non-dance friend or family member review your communications, and if it makes sense to someone not from the dance world, you should be good to go! 

Building your student and staff retention and a loyal following doesn’t have to be complex. Simply think about how you would like to be treated if you were a customer coming through your studio doors. 

Keep shining!  XOXO ~Team Gems


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