COVID-19 has flipped the dance world, and everything around it, upside down. Keeping the health, and safety of our dance families in mind, we at Gems, want to make sure we are taking the appropriate measures to social distance, and also want to use our experience as studio owners to help our fellow studio bosses.


Gems made the heavy-hearted decision to cancel our 2020 events, and start to focus on 2021.  We have also decided that assisting others in this tough time is something that is near and dear to our hearts.  As much as we will miss all the smiley faces, the fantastic artistry, and the absolute joy we feel while doing what we love, we know that this is truly the time to support others.

We are providing refunds to all studios of our cancelled 2020 events. This is not the time to withhold from small business owners, and we understand what those refunds mean for your bottom line.

We are also creating a virtual roundtable discussion. We are all in this together, and the best way to support each other is through the simple act of talking to each other.  Idea sharing has never been so important for our studios, students, staff, and livelihoods.

We have opened our virtual doors to studios for any assistance we can offer. Some options are:

  • Remote access options and advice
  • Social media ideas
  • Access to our design library of dance images and artwork
  • Access to any templates we have for materials
  • Marketing assistance
  • Website help
  • Tech troubleshooting 
  • Summer planning
  • Recital options
  • How to advice

Please contact us if you are in need, or interested in any of the support we are offering. We know the greatest thing we can offer you today is our support, our ideas, and our time. 

In this crazy, unknown, unprecedented time, Gems wants you to know we are here for you, and that we are with you as we all battle to the other side.

Stay safe, stay healthy, and stay positive.



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